We at Cybermind Systems have only one aim and that is to ensure that we connect customers throughout South Africa by means of our technology partners, unlike most ISPs they can only supply connectivity to certain areas and this is where we have the gap analysis in this market. Our connections are stable, fast and our pricing meets your requirements.

We also have a presence in Interactive Broadcasting such as Netflix and Show max enduring that our clients have a variety and no repeat series or episodes. With the use of Smart TV’S and Android Black boxes we are able to cater for this market by ensuring clients don’t have to pay crazy amounts of monies on new technologies.

We also cater for a range of routers, Network Switches and Managed Switches by ensuring clients do not pay the retail pricing, therefore ensuring clients have peace of mind

We offer the following Internet Services:
• 4G
• LTE Fixed
• ADSL – Home
• ADSL – Business
• Fibre Home – Uncapped and Capped
• Fibre Business – Uncapped and Capped


LTE Pricing

20GB         R251.85
50GB         R401.35
100GB       R609.50
200GB       R971.75


10+10GB           R286.35
20+20GB           R408.25
40+40GB           R523.25
60+60GB           R638.25
100+100GB       R868.25
200+200GB       R1213.25


4 Mbps Uncapped     R575.00
6 Mbps Uncapped     R805.00
8 Mbps Uncapped     R1035.00
10 Mbps Uncapped   R1150.00

Fibre Pricing/Openserve

(No Installation Costs)

10/5 Mbps Uncapped         R849.85
20/10 Mbps Uncapped       R1206.35
40/20 Mbps Uncapped       R1493.85
100/50 Mbps Uncapped     R1712.35
200/100 Mbps Uncapped   R2367.85

Fibre Pricing/Vumatel
Excluding Installation

4/1 Mbps Uncapped            R700.35
20/2 Mbps Uncapped          R1022.35
20/20 Mbps Uncapped        R1087.90
50/5 Mbps Uncapped          R1275.35
50/50 Mbps Uncapped        R1317.90
100/10 Mbps Uncapped      R1561.70
100/100 Mbps Uncapped    R1662.90
200/20 Mbps Uncapped      R1731.90
200/200 Mbps Uncapped    R1846.90
1000/100 Mbps Uncapped  R3448.85

Fibre Pricing/Vumatel
Including Installation

4/1 Mbps Uncapped            R2666.85
20/2 Mbps Uncapped          R2988.85
20/20 Mbps Uncapped        R3054.40
50/5 Mbps Uncapped          R3241.85
50/50 Mbps Uncapped        R3284.40
100/10 Mbps Uncapped      R3528.20
100/100 Mbps Uncapped    R3629.40
200/20 Mbps Uncapped      R3698.40
200/200 Mbps Uncapped    R3813.40
1000/100 Mbps Uncapped  R5415.35

More Information

To get more information regarding availability of the above services in your area or to sign up for any of the above services

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